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July 30th, 2019

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MagicEra Washing balls

Change the way you do laundry …no detergent needed!

  • MagicEra Washing Balls (set of 2)


    Good for up to 1000 loads of laundry.
    No residue, no skin irritation.
    No environmental contamination.
    Save water. Second rinse cycle not necessary.
    Static-free and soft laundry…naturally.
    No annoying cling, no softener needed.
    Use with hot or cold water.
    Use in top or front loading & energy-saving machines.
    Exterior shells are made of Elastomer, a BPA-free form of rubber.
    Interior ceramic beads are made from 83 natural minerals.
    No chemicals or animal-derived ingredients.
    Set of 2 balls

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How do they work?
The power of 3 different types of ceramic beads are combined inside each ball.

Far-Infrared Beads
Contribute negative ions which activate water, increasing its cleaning power.

Alkali Beads
Alkalize water (as do traditional chemical detergents) to remove grease and grime from fabrics.
Soften hard water.

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal Beads

Help sterilize and keep clothes fresh.

How to Use
Use both washing balls for normal laundry loads.

For heavily soiled laundry add 1/5 of the regular amount of detergent (or substitute baking soda) you would have used for your previous washes without the washing balls.
Or presoak laundry with the washing balls for one hour.

Do not overload. Leave room for the washing balls to circulate easily while washing.

Presoak extremely delicate laundry with the washing balls, then hand wash.
For maximum effectiveness, pre-soak your laundry with the washing balls for one hour.

Store the washing balls in your washer so they are ready for your next load.

Once a month, put your washing balls in the sun for one hour. This will recharge them and prolong effectiveness.

Good for approximately 3 years or up to 1000 loads.